Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

2019 College Ball

The Holy Cross College Ball was held on Friday, 1 February 2019 at Caversham
House with the Ball being accommodated in the much larger Marquee for the first time.
After a very warm day, students arrived in their finery and assembled on
the banks of the Swan River amid the manicured gardens and the sounds of
cascading water from the colossal waterfall. A throng of adoring parents and
past students gathered on the lawn, with many jostling like the paparazzi to
get the best photos of their elegant and sophisticated sons and daughters, brothers
and sisters.
Following the obligatory group photos on the castle like stairs,
students made their way inside the stylishly decorated venue with the central
dance floor surrounded by tables adorned with sparking diamanté studded orb
centre pieces. Catching the eye of many guests was the generously ladened lolly
College Captains, Grace Beazley and John-Paul Botha, welcomed everyone
to the evening with Breannah Rigoli, Faith Captain, saying Grace and giving
thanks to God for the wonderful food and company. The sumptuous and extravagant
buffet was a feast fit for royalty.
Students danced and sung to a mix of retro and contemporary tunes
throughout the night, only stopping to enjoy a lavish array of desserts. A
number of special awards were presented including Belle and Beau of the Ball, best
dancer and best couple; however, the reality was that all guests looked
immaculate and had a great time.
The evening quickly passed and it wasn’t long before the carpark began
to fill with limousines, chariots, and chauffeurs eager to collect their charges
and return to the creature comforts of home.
Thank you to Mr Smyth and Mr Falcone and students for organising a sensational

Peter Collins
Vice Principal