Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Year 9 and Year 10 Italian Excursion to the Opera

Saturday 2 February the Year 9 and Year 10 students enjoyed an Italian dinner at
“three Coins” Trattoria and watched the Italian Opera “La traviata” di Giuseppe
Verdi at the Supreme Court Gardens. The night has been a great success and the
experience unique! Here’s some feedback from our very enthusiastic Italian

On the 2nd of
February, we were given the chance to increase our Italian cultural knowledge
by being invited to watch the famous “La Traviata.” Our Italian teacher, Mrs
Amatulli, organised for us to go to the Italian trattoria ‘Three coins’ in Mt
Lawley. Following our delicious meal, we went to the Supreme Court Garden in
the city to watch the Italian opera “La Traviata” di Giuseppe Verdi. The opera
singers were incredible and I, along with the other Italian students are so
grateful to be given this fantastic opportunity to experience live professional
opera singers.(M.Pugliese)
Our night
started exploring the sophisticated tastes of Italy at the quaint restaurant
“Three Coins”. Each dish was diverse and different and every single meal was
prepared with the utmost care. We then made our way to the main event “La
Traviata”, a tragic opera being performed in the city at the Supreme Court
Gardens. There were thousands of people there. Although most of us were quite
freezing the performance was amazing, with strong vocals and a tear jerking
finale. Our whole class enjoyed the night so much.(E.Ladyman)
The Italian
excursion was definitely a night to remember with the food and the opera being
a brand new exciting experience. This night definitely was a great start to the
school year and an inspiration to continue my efforts in the Italian
After arriving at the “Three Coins” we immediately had a feeling of authenticity about the restaurant. My friend Eva and I ordered “Tagliolini con le vongole” and were astounded. It was rich in flavour and had a good balance of tangy and salty.(T.Ricketts)
“La traviata” Opera experience was truly “stupenda”. The Synphony heroin was a fallen woman who earns redemption through sacrifice. The singers voices were sensational and portrayed “la storia di Alfredo e Violetta” perfectly. Accompanied by the Australian Symphony Orchestra the night will always be “indimenticabile” for us students.(T.D’Lima)
Grazie a tutti voi! 
Signora Amatulli
Italian Teacher