Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Prayers, Congratulations and Tarma

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day Liturgy was held in the Olive Grove with all students from Kindergarten to Year 12 and staff reverent in prayer and reflection. Lest We Forget.

Senior School Exams

We keep our Senior students in our Prayers and thoughts as they come to the end of their Exams. I hope they are staying focused and making the necessary sacrifices for the long-term gains.

Memorial Liturgy

Thank you to our community members that were able to attend the Liturgy on Wednesday in support of the Tetteh family, with the tragic loss of their beloved Gareth, whose life was cut so short. Coming together as a community in prayer, provides so much support to the family and to each other. Thank you to our Deputy – Faith, Mr Ben Bull and staff, who organised and participated in the Liturgy. Once again, I thank those in or Community that continue to support the family. The Tetteh family are truly grateful.

Secondary: Inter- relationship Leaders

Next year, in order to provide more Pastoral support for our Secondary students, we have made some changes to staff roles. As from 2022, we will have one staff member leading wellbeing, for each Year Level. ‘Inter-relationship Leader’ roles have been established.  We will still have House Coordinators as well, ensuring to keep the Patron charisms and House spirit alive.

These are the ‘Inter-relationship Leaders’ (IRL’s) for 2022, available for both students and parents, in relation to student pastoral care:

Year 7 – Mr Jarrad Pisano (Georgian Pratt transitions into the role of Inter-relationships Leader – Yr 7, in Spring Term.)

Year 8 – Mr Matt Smyth

Year 9 – Mr Mark Potts

Year 10 – Mr Simon Falcone

Year 11 & 12 – Mrs Fiona de Courcier

IRL – Year 7: Stays in this role and focusses on transition, enrolments and readiness for secondary school.

IRL – Years. 8 to 10: Follow the students through from year 8 to 10, then back to year 8.

IRL – Years 11 and 12: Specialise and rotate from year 11 to 12, then back to year 11. The specialisation is important for data tracking, SCSA and curriculum requirements, career guidance and pastoral support.


Next year our new Tarma Centre will be established.

Initially, Tarma will be set up and staffed to meet the demand for Academic skill development. This includes students who:

  • Are on ViSN programs
  • Need to be extended
  • Gifted & Talented
  • Experience ESL
  • Require academic support
  • Require OLNA or NAPLAN support
  • Have neurological disorders such as dyslexia and dysgraphia.
  • Require literacy and numeracy support.
  • Have a high functioning disability, that require a different learning environment.

A Leader for Tarma has been employed to coordinate staffing, set up individual programs, and enrol and timetable students into Tarma.  Congratulations to Ms Iona Scott, from Mater Dei College, on gaining this position.

Two of the learning spaces within the Huasahuasi building at HCC are named Tarma and The Plaza. The names are directly linked with the places that Sister Irene McCormack lived and worked for the betterment of others in Huasahuasi. Huasahuasi, is one of the main districts of the nine that make up the Province of Tarma. Tarma is also a city in the Andes mountains of central Peru, where Irene would have frequently visited. Tarma is situated 10 km south of Huasahuasi.

Ms Julie Hornby