Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
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7 Big Ideas Off To A Busy Start!

The Year Seven students have had a busy start to Big Ideas this term as them immerse themselves in the world of the 6C’s. 

First up, the students tackled Citizenship, becoming responsible for the wellbeing of a ‘Flour Baby’ for a week. Each day they tackled individual challenges and posted their response to Seesaw, whilst also completing a ‘Baby Book’ chronicling the first week of their baby’s life. The students were surprised to find out how much responsibility was involved and reflected on their learning by journaling their own parenting tips.

Next up, the students challenged their Collaboration skills with a series of workshops that required them to work together to investigate the concept of Collaboration and to put it into practice.

In Week 5, the students discovered the ways in which Communication has changed throughout the ages. They dabbled in Morse code and learned to communicate through Australian Sign Language. They learned what constitutes effective and ineffective communication and throught of ways to apply this to their day to day life. 

With a lot of learning still to come, the Year Sevens have made a great start to Big Ideas and to understanding the 6 C’s. We look forward to seeing how their Citizenship, Collaboration and Communication skills grow throughout the year!
Miss Emilie Reynolds
Year 7 Innovator