Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10


Over the past two days we have welcomed students in all year levels back for the 2018 school year.  We have grown considerably with the addition of the double stream from Years 2 – 6 and additional enrolments in the Middle and Senior Schools.   As a result we have a number of new staff.  I welcome new students to Holy Cross College and also the following new staff:

Annette Barron – Junior School Teacher

Megan Brown – Junior School Teacher

Anthony Davis – Junior School Teacher

Kate Dunstan – Junior School Teacher

Amy Edwards – Junior School Teacher

Sharna Gregson – Junior School Teacher

Leanne Murphy – Middle and Senior School Teacher

Natalie Pecherczyk – Junior School Teacher

Georgina Pratt – Junior, Middle and Senior School Teacher

Rachel Rafferty – Middle and Senior School Teacher

Deanna Russo – Junior School Teacher

Richard Smiroldo – Junior and Middle School Teacher

Judith Sharper – Middle and Senior School Teacher

Jessica Vaini – Middle and Senior School Teacher

Rachel Whan – Middle and Senior School Teacher

Joanne Wright – Junior School Teacher


I also welcome back Miss Antonia Ravenscoft and Mr Gareth Elliot who have returned from leave.


Ms Anita O’Donohue is on Long Service Leave during Summer term.  During this time the following people will take on new responsibilities :

Mr Paul Murphy : Deputy Principal – Learning

Ms Kelly Bond : Assistant Deputy Principal – Enrichment

Miss Emilie Reynolds : Learning Innovation Coordinator


Thanks to Middle and Senior School Student Leaders for their assistance yesterday. They did a great job assisting with parent sessions and helping new students settle into the College.



On Wednesday 7 February we will hold our first College Assembly.   At this Assembly we will congratulate high achievers from our Class of 2017.  We will also farewell Fr Alexis who will be moving to take up a position in the Broome Diocese. The Assembly will be followed by House games.  At the conclusion of the games students will be provided with a snack and a drink for morning tea.



Parent information sessions for Junior and Middle School will be held on Wednesday 7 February.  Friends of Holy Cross will also be hosting the Welcome BBQ commencing at 5:30pm on this day.   A letter with full details has been emailed to all parents.  If you have not received this, please contact the College Office. I look forward to seeing all parents of Junior and Middle School students next Wednesday.