Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Barcelona- day 2

Tuesday April 18,
Today started off well with a 9:00 am sleep in that we all needed after a long day before. It was the first time we had a choice of bacon and eggs, for breakfast in a while, which was great.
 After breakfast we headed out so we could catch the subway to the Miro Foundation, exhibiting mainly abstract and surrealist work from Joan Miro, and Alexander Calder, which was enlightening and enjoyable. After about an hour and a half of exploring the art museum we sat down at the cafe and had some lunch.
 A good coffee later we left to catch the subway again and headed for the Sagrada Familia. En route we stopped off to admire Gaudi’s other magnificent building the “Casa Battlo”, a very decorative Art Deco themed building with a colourfully tiled roof. 
As we got closer to the Sagrada Familia we weren’t sure what to expect. We crossed a small park and suddenly the trees parted and we could see the grandeur and beauty of Gaudis greatest work.  We had a look around for a couple hours learning about its history and admiring the huge Cathedral that is even more impressive on the inside that it is on the outside. It is incredibly complex and unlike anything else we had ever seen, it is also unfinished, having been continually built from 1882. When completed it will stand at 170 metres at its highest bell tower. There was a small area for prayer behind the crypt which we made use of before heading back into town. 
By then we were all famished so we traveled back on the subway where we had some dinner at the spectacular Barcelona Markets before returning home to prepare for the following day’s visit to the theme park.