Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
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Careers Opportunity at Crown

Kitchen hand placements for 2018
Workplace Learning /Work Experience
Who should apply?
Students doing work experience, vocational education
programs or Workplace Learning in 2018 with a
real interest in
cooking and would like to work in large
kitchens of high quality.
How to Apply:
Students need to fill in an application form which includes student details, medical details, the proposed dates, a passport photo and parental permission.
Application Process
•    Applications need to be filled out and returned to the contact person on the form. A passport photo must be stapled to the application form for Crown Perth’s records. 
•    All applications will be considered
and every effort made to accommodate
students as much as possible. Dates preferred
by students and dates finally allocated to students may differ due to the numbers applying.
•    Work experience students are usually placed during school holiday periods, however other dates will be considered.
•   Students will be advised through the school whether their application has
been successful.
•    If successful, students and their school coordinator must attend an induction held by Crown Perth. The induction held in
February 2018, provides
all the necessary information prior to commencement.
Additional Information
•   Bus and rail transport is available.
•   Uniforms such as apron, jacket, hat and neckerchief will be supplied.
•    Students must supply their own black pants and steel capped boots. You should be able to purchase basic boots for around $50.
All enquiries to Sharon
Callcott (
sharon.callcott@careerlink.net.au or 0407 086 753)  Please
contact Crown Perth.

Students can come to the Careers Office in Huasai Huasi for application forms.