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'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

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St Helena’s Parish 10th Anniversary

You’re all invited to St Helena’s Parish 10th Anniversary. This is a week of Faith, Fun and Excitement. Starting from Tuesday the 13th of September to Sunday the …

St Helena of the Holy Cross Holy Week Schedule

EASTER RECONCILIATION on 13th April 2022 at 7 pm with visiting Priests.


10th April– Palm Sunday (usual Mass timings)

HOLY WEEK  11 – 17 April 2022
Dance Night St Helena's of the Holy Cross Church

Family Dance Night St Helena’s of the Holy Cross

Everyone is invited to boogie on the dance floor with a live band on Saturday 27 November. Tickets are being sold now. See the flyer for further information on this …

Emmaus leads to St Helena’s of the Holy Cross

It is with great joy that I welcome a new primary school to the family of St Helena’s of the Holy Cross Parish, Emmaus. The new Catholic Primary School, Emmaus, …

Drop In and Say ‘Hi’ Before or After Sport

Winter sports can be a busy time for families. So I welcome you to drop into my house on Sunday before or after you go to your game.

Masses are …

Father Bona Makes the News

Tennis players, from left: Fr Peter Tran, Fr Noe Navarrete, Fr Bona Echeta, Fr Francis Nguyen, Fr Francis Ly, and Fr Joseph Laundy ready themselves for a day of leisure

Let’s Grow Together, Father Bona’s News Blog

Father Bonaventure of our St Helena of the Holy Cross Church has his own news blog. Father Bona has good news to share about the improvements in facilities at St …