Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Catholic Performing Arts Takes Flight in Week Four

Week Four has seen the College’s busiest week of the 2020 Performing Arts Festival with a flurry of activity taking place in all three disciplines. The week commenced on Monday with the College Intermediate Band, coordinated by Mr Jasper Miller, filming an energetic set with a ‘Mad Hatter Theme’. This was colourful and a great showcase of musical talent.

The Junior, Middle and Senior School Liturgical Dancers performed beautifully reflective pieces in the St Helena of the Holy Cross Parish Church for Christian Dance on Tuesday. Special Thanks to Miss Georgina Pratt and Mrs Sharna Bateman for their work in preparing the students for this showcase!

The dance theme continued on Wednesday as the Junior, Middle and Senior School Creative Troupes took to the stage for Creative Dance in the College Amphitheatre. This was an explosion of colour as the Junior School rolled their way through the ‘Starlight Express’ and the Middle and Senior School flew high with ‘Wicked’. Again, huge congratulations to Miss Georgina Pratt for her dedication with these groups and to Miss Hannah Sibbald and Miss Courtney George for their support and assistance.

Thursday saw filming taking place for Music and Drama with the first day of filming for our original student scripted one act play ‘An Unlikely Story’. The students have adapted very well working on location and this filming will be completed next week.

Finally, Thursday afternoon saw our Senior and Year Ten bands perform and record in front of a small audience for Contemporary Band. The performances and energy levels were amazing and congratulations to all the students involved!

Next week will see the final performance filming sessions and the conclusion of the Festival will see Holy Cross College travel to the the only live event of the year, performing a Dramatisation of the Universal Prayers for the Festival Liturgy at St Mary’s Cathedral in Week Eight.

Mr Chris McRae
Learning Area Coordinator
The Arts