Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Catholic Primary Schools Sporting Association (CPSSA) Winter Carnival

On Thursday, 21 June Holy Cross sent three netball teams and two soccer teams, comprising of all of our Year Six students as well as a small number of Year Five students, to compete in the CPSSA Winter Carnival.  Holy Cross competed against teams from 15 other CPSSA schools and had a truly wonderful day of competition.
Team spirit and collaboration at both sports was exceptional with students cheering each other on throughout the day.  Two highlights from the soccer were when Cooper Smith scored a great goal off of the opposition keeper’s nose, checked that the player was not hurt and then celebrated the goal.  Also worth mentioning was the resilience of students who after feeling anxious about participating initially, overcame their nerves and thoroughly enjoyed kicking the ball around on the soccer pitch.
The netball teams competed bravely against teams with much more experience playing as a group and came away with three wins.  The team chants, support and teamwork were impressive and everyone was able to walk away knowing they had represented Holy Cross well.
Overall, the day was a huge success with all of the students going home worn out but having had a terrific experience.  Thank you to all those involved in coaching, training, umpiring and assisting in the lead up to the carnival and on the day.
Mr Brendan Buckley
CPSSA Co-ordinator for Holy Cross College