Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Child Protection Resource for Families

A new resource, God Gave Elizabeth Grace the Right to Feel Safe, written by Andrea Musulin (Director, Safeguarding Program) and Justine O’Malley (Consultant, Child Safe Team) has been released for parents. This resource is a collaboratively partnership between the Safeguarding Office and Catholic Education WA.

The book is designed to support children in Year 3 to Year 5 and complements the Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum delivered by classroom teachers. It includes parent notes and a range of suggested discussion questions and conversation starters that can be used to initiate open and empowering dialogue with children.

An online copy of the book can be accessed via the link below. Alternatively, a hard copy can be accessed through the parish.

If you require support in this area, please liaise with your child’s classroom teacher or a member of the College’s Wellbeing Team.

Kylie Day
Vice Principal