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'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Colour Run, Orientation and 2022 Staffing

Friends of Holy Cross Colour Run

The Colour Run was bigger and brighter this year thanks to the Friends of Holy Cross with the addition of slime, team games and a slip’n slide. Thank you to all the helpers, parents and staff who helped to create this fun-filled community event and raise valuable funds for Friends of Holy Cross. Their good deeds help all of Holy Cross College.

Orientation Day

Orientation Day began with our new 2022 Year 7s being greeted by Student Leaders and being taken to the Harry Potter themed ‘Sorting Hat’ to find out which House they were in. The day was filled with fun activities to learn about Holy Cross College, Our Story and along the way, make new friends. The Junior School students learned who their 2022 teachers would be and spent a day in their 2022 learning spaces with their new teachers. This transition helps our young learners feel comfortable and aware of their new space whilst being in the friendship safety zone of their classroom friends.

Transition Mass Year 9

This Wednesday 24 November, our Year 9 students will have a Transition Mass to bless and pray for them as they enter Senior School studies. The Year 8 students will also attend to bid them farewell from Middle School so they too can see where they too are headed at the end of next year.

2022 Staffing

Pre-kindy – Jo Borg and Lynda Gorton

Kindy  – Abbey Rowlands, Hannah Sibbald, Marilyn Simmonds, Rebecca D’Andrea, Lynda Gorton, Calli Hedley

PP – Annette Barron, Natalie Pecherczyk, Valeria Campos Chavez, Tracy Carr

Year 1 – Angela Chamberlain, Courtney George, Caroline Hilton

Year 2 – Ariana Rosso, Kaye Elsum, Helen Cooke

Year 3 – Aoife Hickey, Deanna Russo 

Year 4 – Hayley Sheppard, Jay Bui

Year 5 – Fiona Murray, Tanya Kazakoff

Year 6 – Jessie De Leon, Carmela Guadagnino

Learning Enrichment Team – Jenny Lennon, Iona Scott, Edwina Bowden, Christine Hayes, Gabbe McKinnon, Dorota Fretwell, Jo Nigro, Kirsty Hancock, Lindy Evans, Tammy Walker, Shevi Aaron-Perera, Carol Wincott-Whyte, Simone Rowell, Nicole Royer, Tara McCarthy, Roseanne Musca, Calli Hedley, Stephanie Fan and Karen Jones.

EA SWD      Karen Jones – Ongoing

EA JS          Tracy Carr – Ongoing

EA SWD      Stephanie Fan – Temporary

  • Secondary House Representative for Frayne – Jamie Gotti
  • Junior House Representative for Frayne – Tanya Kazakoff
  • Junior House Representative for Ozanam – Fiona Murray
  • Junior House Representative for Salvado – Deanna Russo
  • Junior House Representative for McCormack – Angela Chamberlain

PE Assistant – Kate Hasleby 

PE Teacher – Glen Downing 

Italian teacher – Monica Giora 

God bless and enjoy your week.

Ms Julie Hornby