Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Day 3 Camino : Arcade to Pontevedra

On the third day of our Camino we officially hit the half way mark of our journey. We awoke to a beautiful view of Arcade after a long 26K walk yesterday. After breakfast we headed over to the beautiful church across from our hotel and prayed for a safe journey. We began our Camino with high spirits and heads held high. As we continued our journey we encountered many pilgrims who were also undertaking the same journey as us, and although there was language barrier between us all, we were able to be connected to them through the simple phrase ‘Bon Camino’ (good journey). We encountered our first Australian pilgrims today who were from Melbourne and Brisbane, also here to undertake the journey. It was nice to see people as far from home as us for the same purpose. The scenery we saw today was different to anything we had seen before. The amazing green outskirts and farms that we walked through were more rural than the previous walks on this journey and it was amazing to see the countryside. As we reached Pontevedra we decided to reflect on our journey so far and reflected on what we have learned about ourselves, what we are grateful for on this journey and what has surprised us. We realised that we have all experienced personal growth and have new outlooks. We were amazed by the architecture in the town, the resilience we maintained on today’s walk and the shops that Pontevedra offered. We ended today’s journey by exploring the town and doing some shopping. We are excited for what tomorrow’s journey will bring as well as the new experiences and memories that will be made.