Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Day One: Cammino Di San Benedetto

Bon Cammino!

We started our day today in the beautiful town of Arpino. This was to be the starting point for the Cammino di San Benedetto. The walk took us through the breathtaking but, in parts, rugged Italian countryside. We were met just outside Arpino by an extremely friendly dog who decided to join us for the duration of the walk. He became quite a beloved companion amongst the group, particularly with Ms Connor. 

The 20km long walk was a great opportunity for us all to reflect on our own personal faith journey. For me personally it was in times of silence on the walk that I was able to reflect on my thoughts and my faith and the sheer beauty of God’s creation and how we will never understand his power and his love for us. There has been a little bit of a language barrier, but the willingness and determination of the Italian people to help and to serve us has made it so much easier. Oscar Romero is revered for his compassion and support for struggling in society. The Italians we have encountered have shared this same Romero spirit with us. 

There are a few sore legs and tired eyes after the walk, but we all feel very blessed to have the opportunity to witness the historic occasion of Oscar Romero’s Canonisation. Such a special occasion in the history of our College and for the people that have been touched by the story of Romero‚Äôs courage and faith.

Mr Ryan Shelton

Deputy of Faith