Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

DigIT Residential Camp 2019

During the Christmas holidays Riley
Keating (Current Year 9) attended a camp at the University of Western
Australia. Students that performed well in the Australian Mathematics
Competition were invited to apply for a place on the course. Only 50% of those that
applied were accepted. We were very proud to have a representative from Holy
Cross College.
broke the ice at this year’s summer camp with a circus workshop, building new friendships and then building towers with new

While at camp
students participated in practical tutorials that broadened their skills in
coding, web-design, gaming and robotics. They also participated in seminars on
algorithmic and computational thinking and received motivational talks
delivered by ICT experts. Students were also introduced to  Programming (Python) and Introduction to
HTML/CSS, with many students making tremendous progress and already completing
some courses. The robotics workshop was a student
favourite, with campers programming MakerBots (mBots) using mBlock software to
control different components to achieve specific tasks.
Riley’s favourite was the website
workshop and he chose to specialise in this area on his last day. This included
designing web pages and some coding for styling. He also enjoyed designing
robots to be entered for a competition by the university. The camp involved sixty
students from across Western Australia and South Australia. Moving forward, students have been paired with an ICT
mentor and they will work together over the coming months. The mentors will
support students with their ICT learning and help encourage the students to
complete a project. Riley will return back to The University of Western
Australia in July for the second part of the program. Good luck Riley and
Mrs Sam
Learning Area
Coordinator – Mathematics