Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

End of Winter Term and Celebrations

Year 12 Farewell and End of Term Assembly

This is an exciting and emotional time for our Year 12 students, as they complete their final school week of their Secondary education. We wish them the very best over the coming month leading up to Graduation. The support from our HCC careers hub staff will continue to be available for students post 2021.

Students were presented with LIFE Awards for Winter Term including the ACC Sporting presentation of the F-Division shields. and the Catholic Schools Performing Arts awards, in which we received 15 awards and for the fourth consecutive year, we were awarded the overall shield for Christian Drama -the Ron Dullard shield. Congratulations to all our award winners.  An amazing feat for 2021!

Arts and Technology Exhibition

Thank you to Larissa Guzzomi, Chris Gooch, Claire Merry, Jon Williams and Chris McRae for the set up, and presentation of the displays of Art and Technology pieces. Your proficient skills in teaching the students the required techniques were clearly identifiable in the production of the pieces. Many students were recognised and awarded for their creativity. Thank you to our staff and students for providing the hospitality. It was rewarding to see so many parents taking the time to view the exhibition. Thank you.

Official Opening of Lima Sports Centre

The official opening of Lima has taken place, with special recognition given to the LIMA Cross, which was designed by our Deputy of Faith, Mr Ben Bull, constructed by Mr Jon Williams and hand painted by Ms Larissa Guzzomi, Mrs Simone Rowells and students:

Simone Rowells and students:

Eva Ladyman (Year 12)

Babilona Hermes (Year 9)

Zane Garbutt (Year 8)

Ivy Tolbize (Year 7)

Norvella Thaung (Year 7)

The symbolism contained in this unique cross captures the complete faith story of the College, with a particular focus on Irene McCormack as the Patron for this building. 

The shape of the cross is inspired by the Peruvian or Chakana cross, which is a stepped cross created by a superimposed square over the axis point, forming the cardinal and intercardinal points of the compass.  The style of the cross and the central figure of Christ, is traditionally Salvadorian, drawing on the tradition of our College Patron, Saint Oscar Romero. 

Thank you to The Most Reverend Barry Hickey, Emeritus Archbishop of Perth, the Honourable Ken Wyatt, Minister for Indigenous Australians, the Honourable Lorna Harper, Member for East Metropolitan, Ms Mandy Connor, Director – Teaching and Learning, Catholic Education WA, and Mr John McCormack who took the time to walk the Labyrinth and touch the bricks at the centre, which came from his house where he grew up, with his sister Irene in Trayning.

Thank you to our Business Manager, Mrs Jean Topliss, and all those involved with the Blessing and Opening of our Stages 6 building projects.

I wish all of our staff and families a wonderful holiday break. Please note that Spring Term (Term Four) commences for all students on Tuesday 12 October.