Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10


All students are involved in a week of curriculum enrichment activities during the year. Each year level will have a cross-curricular focus centred around a Big Ideas question. LIFE Week is held in Winter Term and all students are required to attend the various activities planned.

Holy Cross College LIFE Week Year Five 1

Students spend the week engaged in authentic learning experiences. They interact with the community through excursions and incursions. Learning is brought to life through real-life connections and partnerships. LIFE Week encompasses all elements of the College’s LIFE Pillars (Learning, Inter-relationships, Faith, Enrichment) to foster a wholistic approach to learning.

Throughout the week, students participate in various pilgrimages connected to the Faith Story of the College. Students in Kindergarten to Year Three embark on pilgrimages around the College, based on their year-level patron. Year Four students deepen their understanding of pilgrimage through a Camino experience in Walyunga National Park, whilst Year Five students travel to Fremantle to follow in the footsteps of Ursula Frayne. Furthermore, students in Middle and Senior School complete a number of sections of the Camino Salvado. 

To further deepen students’ connection to the Catholic faith, the College provides single-day retreat experiences for students in Year Eight and Year Ten during LIFE Week. In Year Eleven and Year Twelve, this retreat experience extends across three days. These retreats allow students to enrich their understanding of themselves, God, others and creation.

In addition, LIFE Week also encompasses overnight camps to further strengthen connection between students’ development within the Inter-relationships Pillar. Students in Year Six travel to Rottnest Island and students in Year Eight travel to New Norcia.

Year Nine students participate in a city experience.  For a week the city becomes their classroom as they explore a Big Ideas question.   Students have the option of participating in the Perth experience or applying to participate in the Melbourne/Canberra experience.  The groups explore a Big Ideas question as they explore and engage with  these capital cities. Together, each of these camps foster a greater sense of compassion and connection.