Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Expanding Our Horizons: Year 9 LIFE Week Perth City 2018

As part of the LIFE Week City Experience, a group of 91 Year
9 students, accompanied by nine staff set off to explore Perth City.
The itinerary provided for students to investigate their Big
Ideas Winter Term question: Does the City C Us? As part of the project,
students are working in teams to interrogate how well cities engage young
people and to offer solutions for improving the engagement of young people
through the lenses of the ‘Six C’s’ – Character, Communication, Citizenship,
Critical and Creative Thinking and Collaboration.
Students were able to explore Perth City in a wide variety
of ways, always keeping in mind how it appeals to young people. The students
commenced with a walking tour of the CBD, which included looking at new
landmarks like Elizabeth Quay and classic landmarks such as; Town Hall and His
Majesties Theatre. In a contrast to the walking tour in the afternoon students
attended the Perth City Library and participated in a presentation from Colin
Krause Youth membership Coordinator from St Vincent de Paul Society where
students learnt about homelessness in Perth City.
In a dynamic week for politics in Australia, students attended
Parliament House and met their Local member Ms Jessica Shaw and were able to
question her on issues such as public transport to and from Ellenbrook and new
ventures such as an improved youth centre in Ellenbrook. Students were able to
develop a deeper understanding of how governments are formed at the
Constitutional Centre and learnt when they should register to vote and how
their vote matters at the Electoral Education Centre.
Wednesday morning began with a street art walking tour, an
excellent opportunity to experience the modernisation and evolution of
previously disregarded city spaces, from laneways to multi storey murals on walls of buildings
such as Central Tafe, students were able to explore modern art throughout their
city.  That afternoon it was time to
leave the city centre behind and venture into a natural space, Kings Park. Here
students experienced a multitude of Kings Parks offerings, a community picnic
and activities on the grassed areas, a moment of reflection at the war
memorial, a view of the city from the lookout, the tree top walk and learning
about Aboriginal heritage.
Thursday morning saw students participate in living city
classrooms where students were able to engage closely with various spaces
around Perth. On Lake Street students were able to visit a local butcher and
discover their generational heritage, have a snapshot into how Italian Culture
is represented in Perth with the opportunity to try some Italian Biscuits and cold
meats from a local Delicatessen. Students explored the Perth Cultural centre,
China Town and the new piazzas aimed at attracting young people and families
into the city. Students were able to see the variety of cultures represented in
the City.
In the afternoon students visited some of Perth’s best and
newest attractions aimed at attracting youth: the Perth Zoo, Scitech and Optus
Stadium. Students caught the ferry to the Zoo before spending the day learning
about the many ways the Zoo engages youth. Students travelled across the
Martagarup bridge before enjoying the finest stadium facilities in the country.
At Scitech students were able to explore light before putting their minds to
work in the tinkering space to design, create and test a flying craft.
On Friday students spent the morning collecting their
thoughts and evaluating all the evidence they collected throughout the week,
always wondering; Does the City ‘C’ us?  Students and staff then headed for St Mary’s
Cathedral to share in a wonderful mass with the city’s parish community. After
mass we moved to the Italian club for a feast of pizza, pasta and ice cream, we
then used all that energy in a few games of bocce.
Mr Jamie Gotti
Year 9 Life week Coordinator