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'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Kindergarten Pilgrimage


Camino Pilgrimage

The word ‘pilgrim’ is derived from the Latin word peregrinum and conveys the idea of wandering over a distance, but is not just aimless wandering, it is a journey with a purpose, and that purpose is to honour God. On pilgrimage, we encounter God, ourselves, a sense of community and nature.

Holy Cross College Camino Salvado Pilgrimage

Camino Salvado

The tradition of pilgrimage at Holy Cross College arose out of the College’s special links with the Benedictine Community of New Norcia, with particular reverence to the life and heritage of Dom Rosendo Salvado. The Camino Salvado is a pilgrimage in the spirit of the Spanish Camino de Santiago and trails from Saint Joseph’s Church in Subiaco to New Norcia, a distance of around 200km. Salvado entered religious life at Santiago de Compostela in Spain before moving to Subiaco in Italy and then to Western Australia. Dom Salvado would walk from New Norcia to Perth through the Swan Valley, not far from Holy Cross College, to help support and sustain his community.

Throughout their time at Holy Cross College, students will experience various pilgrim journeys and, hopefully, complete the entire Camino Salvado by walking a number of stages each year of Middle and Senior School.

We have created opportunities for pilgrimage on our campus by naming each of our buildings after places associated with our College patrons – San Salvador, Santiago de Maria, Dublin, Fitzroy, Victoria Square, Paris, Milan, Lyon, Huasahuasi, Trayning, Subiaco, Tui and Santiago de Compostela. Students in Kindergarten – Year Three journey on a pilgrimage around  the campus, visiting places linked to the College patron associated with their year level and finishing in the Olive Grove, our beautiful reflection garden.

Year Four students complete a section of the Camino Salvado in Walyunga National Park. The Year Five pilgrimage encompasses Fremantle and Perth, following in the footsteps of Ursula Frayne. Year Six students embark on a journey visiting places linked to Saint Irene McCormack.

Staff also participate in a pilgrimage each year as part of the Staff Formation Day.

Camino de Santiago

The pilgrimage experience is enriched through the opportunity for some students to travel to Spain to walk a section of the Camino de Santiago. More Information…