Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Final Call for Kindergarten 2022, Sr Irene, Social Justice, Catholic Performing Arts, College Annual and Jr School Cross Country on Facebook LIVE

Dear Holy Cross College Community

Today, we acknowledge the life of one of our Patron, Sister Irene McCormack. It is the 30th Anniversary of Irene’s sad passing, at the age of 52. Irene grew up on a wheat farm in Trayning, Western Australia. Irene became a teacher and Principal of Manjimup Secondary school in the early eighties. She had a heartfelt and absolute calling to our God, entering into a personal life-long relationship with Jesus and she became part of the Josephite ministry in Peru.

On May 21, 1991, it was here, in Huasahuasi, that Sr Irene was assassinated by members of Sendero Luminoso ‘Shining Path’, a Maoist guerrilla organisation, for helping those most vulnerable by providing support, food and educational resources. Sr Irene was steadfast, loyal and gave hope to many.

At Holy Cross College, Sr Irene’s life is remembered and acknowledged in many ways, such as House Patron, our ‘Trayning’, Huasahuasi, and Plaza buildings, and most recently her story is embedded in our Labyrinth, with some bricks, from Sr Irene McCormack’s house in WA, forming the cross at the centre.

Thank you, also, to Father Bonaventure, Mr Ben Bull, Mr Matt Smyth, Miss Courtney George, Mr Drew Griffith, Ms Jackie Holbrook and our students and staff for the preparation and reverent participation in the McCormack House Mass on Monday.

Social Justice Immersion – Giving LIFE Program.

Catholic Social Teaching is rooted in scripture and forms the moral compass by which Catholics should live their lives. The foundations of the immersion experience include:

  • the value of human dignity
  • preferential option for the poor, and
  • solidarity.

A group of students were provided with opportunities to engage with organisations and individuals to learn about issues facing contemporary society and to consider and be a part of promoting action and service to generate better outcomes for others, whilst deepening the relationship with Christ.

Over three days the students devoted their time, thoughts and efforts to social justice issues which included connections with Vinnies, Midland Meals, Shopfront, Homelessness services, WA Alliance, Trinity College and Mercedes College. The students participated in Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral and spoke with individuals in need. The days concluded with a meal with the students’ families.

This was not a camp, but a deliberate form of outreach, enacting all of HCC’s mission, vision and values. The immersion would not have been successful without the ‘generosity of spirit’ and the passion and goodwill of staff members.

I thank our ‘Giving LIFE’ Coordinator, Mrs Sharna Bateman, for the preparation of the journals, and the organisation and planning of the days. Thank you also to Ms Margaret McMahon, Mr Ben Bull, and Mr Chris McRae and other staff that stopped in for support.  You went above and beyond the expectations, and the feedback has been so positive.

CEWA Catholic Performing Arts

Into its 32nd year, the Catholic Arts has been an integral component of Catholic Education in Western Australia, providing an avenue for a multitude of students to showcase their artistic and performance talents for such a long time. From its earliest beginnings all three aspects of the Catholic Arts, the Angelico Exhibition, the Performing Arts Festival and Carnevale, have relied heavily upon the generous support of volunteers.  

The Catholic Arts Office is now urgently seeking the support of Catholic school staff, parents and extended families as volunteers for their 2021 events, the Angelico Art Exhibition, the Performing Arts Festival and Carnevale. There is a range of opportunities which cater for all skill sets and commitment levels with most events taking place during the month of August. If you are interested in volunteering or would like further information on the various tasks and commitment, please contact the Executive Officer, Sabrina D’Rosa, on 9241 5241.

Kindergarten Enrolments for 2022

Enrolment places for Kindergarten in 2020 are closing soon. We are currently processing applications. Siblings of students already enrolled at HCC, still need to submit an application and go through the interview process to be accepted. Please ensure that the application is submitted this term, so that your child’s place is not taken. We are fortunate to presently have many applications for Kindergarten in 2022.

2020 College Annual

The 2020 College Annuals will be given out on Monday. With the year of COVID restrictions, the College still found ways of recognising and celebrating our learning opportunities showcasing all the beautiful photos and interesting LIFE reports. Please make time with your family to enjoy reminiscing.

Junior School Inter-house Cross Country

The Junior School Inter-house Cross Country Carnival will be broadcast on Facebook LIVE this Tuesday 25 May from 11:20am to 12:40am. Tune into our Facebook page to watch your child’s event.

I hope the students found the disco’s to be enjoyable.  

I wish you all a great weekend.  

Kind regards

Ms Julie Hornby