Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Friends of Holy Cross & NEAS

Lenten Prayer

Loving God,
I hear your invitation, “Come back to me”
and I am filled with such a longing to return to you.
Show me the way to return.
Lead me this day in good works I do in your name
and send your Spirit to guide me and strengthen my faith.
I ask only to feel your love in my life today.


Lent is a season of contemplation and introspection observed by many Christians around the world, lasting for 40 days leading up to Easter. During this period, we often choose to fast, give up certain luxuries or pleasures, and devote ourselves more fully to prayer and charitable deeds. Through these acts of sacrifice and self-reflection, Lent serves as a time for spiritual renewal and a renewed focus on one’s relationship with God. The season culminates in Holy Week, when we commemorate Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.

Salvado Feast Day

Thank you to Claire Merry and Deanna Russo, for the preparation of Salvado Feast Day, as well as Deputy – Faith, Ben Bull for his leadership. These days are imperative for our community connection with our Patrons as well as with each other in our Houses. Thank you to our student readers and musicians. Once again, a very special thank you to Fr Bona for including us in the regular Parish Mass. I hope the Salvado students enjoyed the day!

Friends of Holy Cross

The Committee members for 2023 are:

Chair:                                      Eva Gomes-Sebastiao

Deputy Chair:                          Kat Elmer-Gray

Treasurer:                               Stephanie Rees

Secretary:                               Alicia Whitelaw

Learning Pillar:                        Lindsay Jacklin

Inter-relationships Pillar:         Leanne Palmer

Faith Pillar:                              Susan Sorensen

Enrichment Pillar:                   Kat Elmer-Gray

We are very fortunate to have Eva as Chair of the Committee. Thank you to our parents who have taken on an official role as a committee member. We had approximately 20 parents attend our last FHC meeting and we are looking forward to a very productive year. It was a great success.

The next meeting is on the 11th of May at 8:45am in the College Staff room. Save the date!!

College Nurses

We have recently employed two part time Nurses. Our Nurse days are as follows:

Norelle de Vries – Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Jenny Cvitan – Wednesday and Friday

We welcome our new staff members to out HCC Community.

Junior Swimming Lessons

Thank you to our Junior School staff who have been wonderful in supporting the students with the lessons. It has been greatly appreciated by all. I hope the students have enjoyed the swimming focus.

NEAS – North Eastern Associated Schools

The aim of the North Eastern Associated Schools, is to further develop an inter-school sporting competition, promoting participation, sportsmanship, leadership and socialisation amongst students. Some of the schools in our region, that we compete with include Ellenbrook Christian College, Helena College, La salle College, Swan Christian College and Swan Valley Anglican Community School.

Thank you to our Sports Coordinator, Melissa Carrara, for the organisation of the students, the staffing, supervision, transport and the training. Thank you to our students who aim to achieve their own personal goals in these competitions. We are proud of your efforts.

I wish all of our HCC Community a wonderful long weekend.

Ms Julie Hornby