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How to enter your Teams Learning Conversation 

Middle & Senior School 

Starting the Conversation 

Check the name of the teacher you will be meeting for the Learning Conversation. Go to the Staff Teams Link Table at the end of this document. You will find the name of the teacher with a hyperlink in the next cell.  

Depending on the device you are using the next steps will look slightly different. 

Using a PC or Mac 

  1. Click on the link. 
  2. If you do not have the Teams app installed, you will receive a message like the one below. Choose to ‘Continue in this browser’. 

Using your child’s iPad 

  1. Click on the link next to the teacher’s name 
  2. Turn on your camera and microphone. Then click ‘Join Now’  
Mrs Marnie Barrett 
Mr Daniel Bateman 
Mr Ben Bull 
Mrs Cassandra Bull 
Miss Melissa Carrara 
Ms Rochelle Carter 
Mrs Nisha D’Lima 
Ms Patricia Dadd 
Mr John Dautopulos 
Mrs Christina Davini 
Mrs Fiona De Courcier 
Mr Simon Falcone 
Mr Daniel Gevaux 
Mrs Monica Giora 
Mr Chris Gooch 
Mr Jamie Gotti 
Mr Braden Grant 
Ms Patricia Green 
Ms Christine Hayes 
Miss Caitlin Henry 
Mr Brian Homan 
Miss Laura Hunt 
Dr John Joseph 
Mrs Shiny Joseph 
Mr Chris Lam 
Ms Anne Mariner 
Mr Chris McRae 
Ms Claire Merry 
Mrs Shelly Miller 
Miss Felice Morcombe 
Mr Paul Murphy 
Mrs Larissa Murdzoski 
Ms Joanna Nigro 
Mr Nate O’Byrne 
Mrs Fabiana Padova 
Mr Jarrad Pisano 
Mr Mark Potts 
Miss Georgina Pratt 
Mr Greg Quinn 
Mrs Clare Rosman 
Mr Jake Rowlands 
Ms Orilee Ryan 
Mrs Kerri Sloper 
Mr Matt Smyth 
Mr Chris Spencer 
Miss Emma Stafford 
Mrs Toni Strong 
Ms Samantha Tait 
Miss Tracey Trist 
Miss Lisa Walton 
Mrs Susan Wilson 
Miss Karen Wilson 
Mr Jian Zhou