Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
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Interhouse Cross Country on Facebook LIVE

COVID-19 may be keeping parents off the College grounds, but you can still watch the Interhouse Cross Country Carnival action LIVE via Facebook. Set your alarm for the day and time your child will be running to watch the race. Races will run daily during normal Physical Education classes for Junior School and on Thursday 4 June in year groups for Middle and senior School.

Thursday 4 June Middle and Senior School schedule is here. The start times are the start of each lesson, with races likely to start at least 10-15minutes after that.

Race TimeYear GroupDistance

 Junior School will have their races during their regular PE classes

Year GroupDistanceRace Day
K400mWednesday 10 June – 11:30am
PP400mTuesday 09 June – 11:05am
1800mFriday 05 June – 12:00pm
2800mFriday 05 June – 1:25pm 
31200mMonday 08 June – 11:05am
41600mWednesday 10 June – 12:05pm
52000mThursday 11 June – 11:05am
62000mWednesday 10 June – 11:15am

We hope all our parents, grandparents and caregivers can tune in.