Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
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Interhouse Cross Country

Congratulations to our Cross Country Champions on Tuesday!
The winning house will be announced at our Year group assemblies early next term.
It was a fabulous day thanks to everyone’s enthusiastic participation. How fabulous to be able to have a sporting carnival with such lovely weather.
Thank you to all the students and staff for a wonderful day.
Cross country training starts next term (Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 6.45am) more details to come.
Year 7
Runner-up Champion Boy- Keenan Delauney
Champion Boy- Kur Mach
Runner-up Champion Girl- Graciela Hirst
Champion Girl- Cassia Morris
Year 8
Runner-up Champion Boy- Klay Dennis
Champion Boy- Blake Johnson
Runner-up Champion Girl- Chelsea-Lea Boxall
Champion Girl- Caitlin Freestone
Year 9
Runner-up Champion Boy- Luke Bennett
Champion Boy- Ethan Bellomo
Runner-up Champion Girl- Ella Goodenough
Champion Girl- Japleen Kaur
Year 10
Runner-up Champion Boy- Ben Bangwa
Champion Boy- Daniel Ndayishimiye
Runner-up Champion Girl- Tahlia Edwards
Champion Girl- Chloe Frisina
Year 11
Runner-up Champion Boy- Sarthak Gogawale
Champion Boy- Tom Rankin
Runner-up Champion Girl- Morgan Pires
Champion Girl- Tiah Jordan
Year 12
Runner-up Champion Boy- Matthew Clouston
Champion Boy- Elijah Dye
Runner-up Champion Girl- Ellie Morland
Champion Girl- Makayla Pugliese-Thompson

Marnie Barrett

Sport Coordinator