Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Junior School Orientation Day and Staffing 2020

Orientation Day has started with many smiles and lots of energy in the Junior School.

Students attended a brief assembly before heading off to their learning spaces for next year for a morning of team building and preparation for next year.

The following list outlines the staff allocations in the Junior School for 2020:
Mrs Jo Borg and Mrs Lynda Gorton
Mrs Natalie Pecherczyk, Mrs Simone Wiles, Mrs Rebecca D’Andrea, Mrs Marilyn Simmonds, Mrs Lynda Gorton and Mrs Calli Hedley
Miss Hannah Sibbald, Miss Annette Barron, Mrs Caroline Hilton and Ms Helen Cooke
Year One:
Miss Aisling Keating, Mrs Olivia Croswell and Mrs Kate Hasleby
Year Two:
Miss Courtney George and Miss Abbey Rowlands
Year Three:
Miss Amy Edwards and Mrs Gabbe McKinnon
Year Four:
Miss Linley Waters and Miss Jessie DeLeon
Year Five:
Ms Hayley Sheppard and Miss Deanna Russo
Year Six:
Mrs Megan Knapton and Mr Jason Tyrrell

Learning Enrichment Team:
Ms Jenny Lennon, Mrs Dorota Fretwell, Miss Antonia Ravenscroft, Ms Margaret McMahon, Mrs Edwina Bowden, Mrs Alice O’Hanlon, Mrs Tara McCarthy, Mrs Nicole Royer, Mrs Jo Nigro, Mrs Calli Hedley and Mrs Roseanne Musca.

We look forward to a wonderful year in 2020.

Mrs Vanja Basell and Mrs Kylie Day

Assistant Principals, Junior School