Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Junior School Update

Year 2
In Year 2, we have had an exciting and positive start to Spring Term.
This week, we have been busy consolidating numeracy concepts, holding class debates and learning to think creatively.
In Mathematics, students have been actively exploring the concepts of measurement using hands-on materials. We measured our feet and estimated their size using paper clips, large dice and unifix cubes. We also ordered the length of various classroom stationery and labeled them in units of measurement.
In writing this term, we will be learning to write a persuasive text. To prepare for this we have held some class debates. We had to decide if we were “for” or “against” each topic and created three arguments to support our point of view. We worked in groups to plan our debate and then presented it to the class. The class then got to vote on each topic.
The students decided that:
·      Winter is better than Summer
·      We should have a school uniform
·      Cats are better than dogs
·      It is better to go away on the holidays.
Here we are presenting our debates to the class.
In Big Ideas, we are developing our skills in character, through exploring our own strengths. We then had to come up with a Christmas market stall idea and choose our preferred product. This is going to be a very engaging, personally informative and fun term in Big Ideas!
Mrs. Hayley Sheppard

Year 2 Teacher