Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Knowing More Than One Story

At Holy Cross College we aim to challenge each student to achieve their personal best in an environment which values the respect and dignity of each person. On Thursday 6 August, the Year 11 students participated in a presentation and workshop based around the College’s Inter-relationships goal of Connecting Communities. The theme for the presentation was ‘Knowing More Than One Story’. Students explored what it means to be Australian as well as developing an understanding of the unique challenges faced by refugees and migrants to Western Australia.

There were three key themes within the workshops; Identity, Integration and Belonging. In the Identity workshop students created art work where they described their own identity. Integration was a practical workshop where students used different liquorice pieces within a cup to look at how individuals from one culture adopt practices from another culture without diminishing their own. The final workshop was Belonging, which looked at positives to having more than one cultural identity, along with what aspects of your culture that you would like other people to know and how we can all belong together as Australians.

Developing a positive sense of who we are and feeling that we are all valued and respected as part of a family and community is important for our students. Students can develop pride in who they are and that any future relationships they form will strengthen their sense of belonging.

Mrs Christina Davini

Assistant Deputy Principal, Inter-relationships