Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Middle School

In Middle School, Years Seven, Eight and Nine at Holy Cross College, the focus is on meeting the needs of early adolescent learners. 

Holy Cross College Middle School

This is a time when young people are establishing their identity, learning about themselves, their peers and their community. It is a time when they discover what they like, their skills and talents, the interests and hobbies that they wish to pursue and the strengthening of their friendship groups. 

Students in Middle School are part of a learning community and will have a designated learning space in purpose-built Middle School facilities. Year Seven students have all their class-based learning taking place in the same area. This should give students a greater sense of security as they make the transition from primary school to secondary school. Students move to other areas of the College to access the Learning Resource Centre and other specialist facilities.

Students in Years Seven, Eight and Nine study specialist subjects as well as Big Ideas, Holy Cross College’s inter-disciplinary programme, through which they have the opportunity to come to a greater understanding of themselves, their community and the world in which they live. The real world is not divided into separate areas of study and to engage with the world requires knowledge of how all areas of study are linked.

Year 7 Curriculum includes all of the following: Religious Education, Big Ideas, Science, Maths, Humanities, English, Physical Education, Digital Technologies, Health, Food Science, Woodwork, Visual Arts and Dance. At the completion of Year 7, students are able to select some of their electives as described in the handbooks below.