Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Life Link Sleep Out, Catholic Arts/Awards, Staffing and Fathers Day!

Dear Holy Cross College Community

This week we remember the canonisation of our Mother Teresa on the 4 September. This event was planned to coincide with Pope Francis’ Year of Mercy, in 2016.

Pope Francis delivered a homily in which he praised Mother Teresa — “this emblematic figure of womanhood and of consecrated life” — for her charitable work.

“Mother Teresa, in all aspects of her life, was a generous dispenser of divine mercy, making herself available for everyone through her welcome and defence of human life, those unborn and those abandoned and discarded,” he said. “She bowed down before those who were spent, left to die on the side of the road, seeing in them their God-given dignity. She made her voice heard before the powers of this world, so that they might recognise their guilt for the crime of poverty they created.” Saint Teresa was extremely humble with a very strong faith, and she dedicated her faith life to those less fortunate than her. She showed Mercy daily and her impact and influence are recognised just as strongly today. Her quotes above, hold us all accountable to both our professional and personal values.

Life Link Sleep Out

Even after sleep overs on camps the week before, students still participated in the Life Link sleep out, in recognition of the homeless. The liturgy and guest speaker from Ellenbrook/Midland Meals, both made a great impact. Thank you to Mrs Sharna Bateman, Mr Ben Bull and the team of many staff who slept over, helped to cook, clean up and keep the live stream and communication platform alive. Thank you to FHC for helping out as well. It was greatly appreciated.

Year 10 Social Justice Work

Thank you to our Year Ten students, for the efforts with your creativity in your artistic designs, communication a range of social justice issues such as slavery, racism, ecology, and inequality. The work produced was excellent.

Staffing for 2022

Assistant Principals – Junior School

Congratulations to Mrs Linley Waters and Miss Aisling Keating who will continue as the Assistant Principal’s in the Junior School from 2022.


I am pleased to announce that Mr Greg Quinn was successful in gaining the role of Deputy-Learning from 2022. Greg is currently the Vice Principal at Mercy College, and will bring great experience to the role, both pastorally and academically.

VICE Principal

Congratulations to Mr Albert Borrello, who will take on the VP role in Mr Peter Collins’ absence. Albert is currently the Assistant Principal at St Helena’s and was a Director of Engagement at Mercy College, as well as other prior leadership roles.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) Coordinator

Congratulations to Mrs Orilee Ryan, who was successful in gaining the substantive VET Coordinator role from 2022. Orilee is currently in this role in a temporary capacity and has already achieved so much. We farewell Mrs Jackie Cuff at the end of the year, as she has been successful in gaining an English teaching position at Prendiville Catholic College for 2022. Jackie is an excellent teacher and has formed many meaningful relationships here at HCC. She will be greatly missed!

Staffing 2021

We welcome:

Mrs Trudy Dickson as an Education Assistant in our Pre-Primary class.

Mrs Cassandra Bull as English/HASS teacher.

Mr Mohit Arora, who joins our IT Team.

Miss Tialia Papali, as Year 5 teacher, commencing Monday.

Mrs Claudia Ori, as Support teacher in the Junior School.

We wish Mrs Dianna Russo a wonderful time as she starts her Long Service Leave next week, for the remainder of the year.

Mr Adi Trehan also takes leave as of Monday. We hope you have an enjoyable and productive break, Adi.

Mrs Antonia Ravenscroft is also on leave for the remainder of the year. We wish her the very best.

We also wish Mrs Amy Yates, and her husband, all the best with the birth of their baby and look forward to seeing Mrs Yates when she visits.

Spirit of the Arts

Spirit of the Arts is nearly here and is set to be a week-long celebration of Arts in Catholic Schools to round out the Performing Arts Festival. It is also an acknowledgement of our State 50th anniversary and our National 200th year of Catholic Education. If you would like to attend the Spirit of the Arts Concert on the 13th September which will include performance items in Music, Drama and Dance as well as a massed Choir of 2000 students in which HCC will be participating, please see the ticket link below:

Spirit of the Arts Concert

Date: Monday 13th September

Concert 5:30-8:30pm
Venue: RAC Arena, Wellington St, Perth

Students Involved: College Junior Choir and Chamber Choir

Carnevale Lunchtime Concert

Date: Tuesday 14th September
Time: 12:20pm and 1:40pm
Venue: Forrest PlaceStudents Involved: College Senior Band and Year 2 Classes

Carnevale Fiesta

Date: Friday 17th September
Time: 12:00-6:30pm
Performance Times: 2:25pm (Senior Band and Afro Dance) and 5:15pm (Senior School Textiles)
Venue: Forrest Place
Students Involved (College Senior Band, Afro Dance and Senior School Textiles)

Thank you to Mr Chris McRae and all of our Arts staff and Music teachers, for the commitment to the festival and for the preparation of the students. Thank you to our parents for your support and enabling all the rehearsal sessions, and home practise.

CEWA Quality Catholic Eduction Awards

We have submitted three applications:

1. FAITH – The Eye of Justice and Service (Our Labyrinth Story)

2. COMMUNITY – The ‘Mentor Me’ Program

3. The MyLIFE Framework

All entries will be showcased in the coming months as examples of excellence in Catholic Education. Award winners will be chosen by a panel of judges and announced on Friday, 15 October.

The People’s Choice Award is open for voting now and gives CEWA school communities the opportunity to have their say in the awards. Please vote for us! You can only enter one vote for each email address. Voting for the People’s Choice award will close on Sunday, 12 September. Head to the awards website where you can find information on all of the nominations and cast your vote.

Father’s Day

Thank you to Mr Ben Bull, Mr Drew Griffith, and Mrs Jackie Holbrook for the preparation of the Liturgy. Thank you to Mrs Cathie Lewis and Mrs Sarah Love for preparing such an amazing breakfast. We had many fathers, and their children participate, recognising all that father’s do and why they are special. Thank you to the FHS, who spent their time selling products to our students for Father’s Day. There was so much fun to be had in Tui with our Kindergarten and Pre-Primary classes! Thanks to our dads for coming and to the staff for preparing the activities.

I take this opportunity to thanks our Dads for the love and support they give to our HCC families, and for taking the time with their children for moments to embrace, gifts to surprise, words to affirm, and the example you set. Thank you, Dads, for loving your children in ways they wont forget.

Wishing you all a Happy Father’s Day for Sunday.