Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Mentor Me ReConnect: Graduation

During the Summer and Autumn terms, students in Years 8 to 12, participated in a series of workshops entitled Mentor Me ReConnect. These workshops are facilitated by an external provider, Organisation of African Communities Western Australia (OACWA). OACWA runs in partnership with Western Australian Police, Constable Care Foundation, and the Department of Home Affairs. The Mentor Me ReConnect program is designed to invest in building students’ skills to enhance positive development that increase the student’s level of school engagement increase their self-esteem and confidence to discover and develop their natural talents and potentials. The program supports and redirects the student’s attention from antisocial activities towards positive life outcomes.

The Mentor Me ReConnect program was held once a week for a period of twelve sessions. Throughout this program, students boosted their self-esteem, increased their level of school engagement, connected with role models, and identified opportunities for involvement in their community. Parents were encouraged to attend in selected sessions with their child and their mentor.

Students concluded the program with an official graduation ceremony. The ceremony consisted of special guests, a performance from an African Cultural group, graduation certificates and students recounting their experiences from the program. Some of the special guests included, Ms Julie Hornby (College Principal), Mr Joe Tuazama (OACWA President), Dr Jonas Klutsey (OACWA Program Coordinator), Dr Casty Hughes (OACWA Vice President) and Ms Jessica Shaw (MLA, Member for Swan Hills).

Holy Cross College will continue the partnership with OACWA, and will offer three programs of the Mentor Me ReConnect program in the Winter and Spring terms for students in Years 4 to 12.

Mrs Christina Davini

Assistant Deputy Principal, Inter-relationships