Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Orientation Day & Junior School Staffing

A Prayer for Busy Times


In quiet times, we see your face and we feel your holy presence

In busy and hectic times, we tend to run aimlessly away from your help.

In our most fatigued and stressful times, we need you most.

Send us your calming Spirit. Lighten our hearts, Lord.

Help us to work in a Spirit of wisdom, overcoming the stress that can slow us down Lord.

Jesus, may your life always stand before us.

You call us to a ministry that is sometimes overwhelming.

Slow us down to see your face and to feel your hand upon our shoulder.


I hope the prayer above is helpful at this eventful time in schools, especially for our senior students during the exam period.

Welcome Year seven Students for 2023

Today we welcomed our Year Seven cohort for 2023, as they participated in their Orientation Day. Our Deputy – Learning: Mr Quinn and Deputy-Enrichment: Mr Murphy assisted the students in finding which House they are in via a Harry Potter Sorting Hat strategy, which was very well received. The students were very attentive, and from all reports had an enjoyable day. Thank you to our Parents for attending the information sessions. Welcome to our new parents!

Junior School Staffing for 2023

Principal: Julie Hornby

Vice Principal: Albert Borrello

Assistant Principals: Sascha Saulsman (PK-2), Linley Waters(3-6)

Classroom Teachers:

Pre-K: Susannah Sirolli, Lynda Gorton

Kindergarten: Abbey Rowlands, Barbara Stanley, Rebecca D’Andrea, Marilyn Simmonds, Lynda Gorton, Calli Hedley

PP: Natalie Pecherczyk, Angela Chamberlain, Trudy Dickson, Caroline Hilton

Year 1: Arianna Rosso, Nicole Glanville, Tracy Carr

Year 2: Annette Barron, Valeria Campos Chavez, Leandrie Duminy

Year 3: Deanna Russo, Julia Waller, Natalie Heller

Year 4: Tanya Kazakoff, Jay Bui

Year 5: Fiona Murray, Tiala Papali, Natalie Heller

Year 6: Jessie De Leon, Carmela Kovacevich 

Specialist Teaching Staff: 

Glen Downing (Physical Education (PE)),

Kate Hasleby (PE Assistant),

Ellie Luzuk (Visual Art),

Isabella Oates (Musical Theatre),

Katherine Roussety (Science),

Monica Giora (Italian)

Learning Enrichment JS staff:

Christine Hayes – Leader of Inclusive Education,

Iona Scott – Leader of Tarma

Gabbe McKinnon – Teacher/GATE,

Dorota Fretwell – Support Teacher

Education Assistants (Enrichment):

Shweta Iyer

Stephanie Fan

Carol Wincott-Whyte

Karen Jones

Nicole Royer

Shevi Aaron-Perera

Tara McCarthy

Manuela Weppner

Elisha Smith

Siobhan Harrison-Shine

Kylie Bosman

Angel Riley

Current Staffing Updates

Jo Borg has been successful in gaining an external Assistant Principal role for 2023 and will be on leave from HCC.

Megan Knapton will be on leave for 2023.

Jenny Lennon has been successful in gaining a role as a Consultant for the ‘Students with Disability’ Team at CEWA and will take leave for 2023.

Junior Staff leaving:

Hannah Sibbald, Courtney George, Kaye Elsum, Rebecca McRae, and Maddison Allis.

Learning Enrichment Junior Staff leaving: Edwina Bowden, Kirsty Hancock, Jo Nigro, Roseanne Musca, and Simone Rowell.

We wish our departing staff members the very best with their future pathways and new destinations. They have all contributed greatly in enriching our College community and supporting many individual students, and for that I am truly thankful. Please feel welcome to farewell our individual Junior School staff members if you have the opportunity to do so.

Ms Julie Hornby