Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Orientation Day

On Wednesday this week, we
welcomed all new and existing students and parents for their Orientation. Students
came to the College for the whole day (Year 7s) or part of the day (Junior School)
where they experienced what life at Holy Cross College will be like. Parents
also enjoyed the same experience through the College tours and parent sessions
on offer.

Junior School students familiarised themselves with their new learning
environments, met some of their teachers and began to interact with their peers.

Year 7 students focused on what senior school life will
be like, acquainting themselves within the Paris building that will form their
home base for classes. They sampled some of the subjects on offer at the
College. This including some crazy science experiments, baking home style cookies,
making clay bowls in art and finishing off with Performing Arts; where they played the ultimate Rock Paper Scissors,
got to hear from students what Performing Arts is like at HCC and concluding with
Just Dance, where they learnt the skill of ‘leaving embarrassment at the door’. During
these fantastic mini-lessons they got to know their House Coordinators and Student
Leader body.

Thank you to all the
students and staff who gave up their time to act as mentors, College tour guides,
crèche assistants and assisting in the many sessions for the day. We also thank
the Friends of Holy Cross for their assistance with light refreshments and
conversations with new and existing parents.
We look forward to all new
students joining us in 2019, as they seize their opportunity
to ‘live life to the full’ at
the College.
Mrs Christina Davini
Assistant Deputy Principal
– Inter-Relationships