Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Prayer for Our Winter Term, My LIFE Careers Expo, Pre-apprenticeship Congratulations, Staffing and Policies

Dear Holy Cross College Community
My LIFE Launch & Careers Expo
We have had a very busy start to Winter Term. One of our major events is taking place tomorrow evening – the launch of the ‘My LIFE Framework and our Careers Expo’. Regardless of the weather, I am hoping to see as many of our families attend, even for part of the evening, which commences at 5pm in the LIMA Sports Centre. This evening is compulsory for our Year 10 students.

Pre-Apprenticeship News
Congratulations to student, Joshua Couzens, for gaining a Pre-Apprenticeship for the next semester in Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology.
Our Social Worker, Miss Louise Kane, has resigned as she will be returning to Ireland. Louise joined us at the start of the year and developed many effective relationships in such a short time. I thank Louise for her dedication to our students this year and wish her the very best for a safe return to Ireland.

We welcome Mrs Alisha Jones; Coordinator of Counselling and Mrs Liesa Franchina; Senior Youth Worker. Alisha will commence Week 5 this Winter Term, and Liesa will commence in Spring Term. Both ladies will be at the relationships/Wellbeing booth on Wednesday night at the Careers Expo. Please feel free to take the opportunity to welcome our new wellbeing staff members to our community.

Our Vice Principal, Mr Peter Collins, will be taking leave for the whole of 2022, with the intention of returning in 2023. We will have the opportunity to wish Peter well, towards the end of the year.

Catholic Education Western Australia Limited (CEWA Ltd) has a policy structure that exists to enact the vision to be a Christ-centred and student-focused community of engaged learning environments, inspiring all to actively live the Gospel. The CEWA Ltd Policies and Executive Directives respond to accountabilities to the Bishops of Western Australia, the state Minister for Education and all legislative and regulatory requirements. The CECWA Policy Structure provides direction and clarity on the directives, processes and procedures which govern all Catholic schools in Western Australia. The link to the policies on our website is here:
Thank you.
Kind regards,
Ms Julie Hornby