Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Prayer, Swimming Carnival, Grand Piano Thanks, Lima LIFE Cross, HCC Community Collective, Disability Bays and Immune-compromised Information

How lucky our college community was to have Welcome Games held before the cross year level restrictions came in. Students were able to make friends in other year levels and of course with their siblings in the same House.

Dear Holy Cross College Community

Thank you for your support with the modifications we have had to make due to COVID. In fact, I am so appreciative of the quick response by our parents and guardians, to the directives. I understand that we are disappointed that we can’t be together as a college community at this time, hence the prayer for our community above.

COVID 19 Considerations: Immune-compromised Students/ Vulnerable Family Members

In our community we have students who are immune-compromised or live in a household with vulnerable family members. The spread of COVID-19 may be a cause for concern for many of these families.

Our goal is to be support these families in the most appropriate manner. Students who are immune-compromised or have vulnerable family members may be offered the opportunity to participate in remote learning regardless of their COVID-19 status (close contact or confirmed positive case).

Please click on the link below via your SEQTA login if you have an immune-compromised child or vulnerable family member(s) at home. This database will assist in our 2022 COVID-19 planning.


Grand Piano Gift from the Sisters of St Joseph

Year 1 student playing the Grand Piano that was a gift to Holy Cross College from the Sisters of St Joseph.

With gratitude and thanks we received the most amazing gift from the Sisters of St Joseph, a Grand Piano. This beautiful musical instrument was restored by Holy Cross College upon receiving it and it is already in use. Students of all year groups will be able to grow their musical skills and bring joy to themselves and others as part of our Enrichment pillar within The Arts.

Holy Cross Carers Collective (HCCC)

Two of our parents, Danielle Muir and Natalie Beazley, have formed a group for parents who are carers of children with disability. They have established comprehensive guidelines for the group and would like to discuss these at their very first meeting. I believe this to be a wonderful initiative enabling parents to share knowledge and experiences, and most importantly, to provide support for one another. A suggested list of discussion topic has also been considered. These meetings will occur on the last Friday of every month and would have been on school site.  Due to our COVID restrictions they will be held via TEAMS. Thank you to Danielle and Natalie for leading this great opportunity for our community.

The first meeting for parents who are carers, will be on Friday 25 February at 1:30pm. A link will be sent closer to the time.

Disability Bays

It is unfortunate to report that some Community members have been using the Disability Bays to park in, unlawfully.  Often, this is reported to us via parents who have their children here at Holy Cross as students with a disability or they may have a disability themselves. Parking in these bays without a valid reason and an ACROD Disability Permit is unacceptable. We are now revising the use and location of these bays and changes will be implemented by the end of the term. Thank you to the majority of people who demonstrate understanding and respect the needs of others.

Inter-house Swimming Carnival is ON Tuesday 15 February

With joy, and part of the new regime of COVID – 19 restrictions, we are now able to have our Inter-house Swimming Carnival. Students will stay outside at Bayswater Waves. I wish our Secondary students Year 7 to Year 12 a wonderful time on Tuesday. Please bring plenty to drink, your sunscreen, hat and stay in the shaded areas of the Year Level bays as the sun moves throughout the day.

Our Lima LIFE Cross Has Risen

Our Lima LIFE Cross created and designed for our Lima Sports Centre now has LED lights illumination and was lifted into place high above so everyone can see it. The Lima LIFE Cross inspiration and design was from Ben Bull, Deputy Principal Faith. Visual Arts students and Visual Arts Teacher Larissa Murdzoski (nee Guzzomi) painted the Lima LIFE Cross. Groundsman Mike Azzopardi installed the custom LED lights. Thank you to all of these people for this gift that will be enjoyed by our community.

Have a lovely weekend!

Kind regards

Julie Hornby