Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

RUOK? Day 2019

12th September 2019

R U OK? Day is on Thursday 12 September 2019. It’s our national day of action reminding everyone to ask, ‘Are you OK?’ and support people who may be struggling. The theme this year is ‘Trust the Signs, Trust your Gut and Ask R U OK?’

Holy Cross College supports the important messages of R U OK? Day and so we’re encouraging our young people to pay attention if they’ve got that niggling feeling that someone they know or care about just isn’t behaving as they normally would. We’re encouraging our students to ask, listen without judgement, encourage action and to follow-up with a little check-in. They don’t need to be experts to help, just good friends and good listeners.

On Wednesday there’ll be some fun activities and events happening around the school in recognition of R U OK? Day – a bake stall (monies raised going to ‘Passages Youth Engagement’), posters, wrist bands, ping-pong competitions, live music with the College band, and resources and information shared during HTG throughout the week. Some staff members will even be wearing the R U OK? t-shirts to help spread the word! We trust that all members of the College community support us in our endeavours to encourage conversations that can change people’s lives.

Mrs Joanne Betti

Social Worker