Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

SAVE OUR SURROUNDINGS: Year 7 Big Ideas Makes A Difference!

Over the last two terms, the Year Sevens have been working on Project SOS: Save Our Surroundings. They have explored a range of environmental issues and worked diligently to create campaigns around issues of their choice.
Their work culminated on Thursday of week six, with a Sustainabilty Fair. The Fair showcased the election campaigns for the new ‘City of Swan’ council and incorporated STEM principles to exhibit the work on a giant map of the area. The students’ families were invited to view the work, enjoy a sausage sizzle and to cast their vote for the new council! 

The map was designed and created by the ‘Map Squad,’ and featured models of the Ellenbrook area, Swan Valley, Whiteman Park and hills area. The Map Squad, overseen by Mr Hughes spent many hours up to their elbows in papier-mâché and the result was spectacular.
Special thanks to Mr Smythe for his help with laser cutting some of the signs and for use of the Design and Technology facilities! 

The map encompassed drop points that exhibited QR codes. The codes were scanned and led to the campaign videos crafted by sixteen different groups of students.
Visitors to the Sustainability Fair watched the videos, then used a token to vote for the ‘Council’ that presented the most effective platform. All the money raised through the sausage sizzle and the sale of products made by the students will then be used by the Council elect to purchase a sustainability initiative for Holy Cross.

We were thrilled to see most families attend and the atmosphere at the event was wonderful. The students have worked very hard on their projects and they should be congratulated on their display of Collaboration and Citizenship. We hope that their learning around Sustainability this semester has provided them with the foundation required to become responsible and proactive leaders of the future.
Miss Emilie Reynolds
Year Seven Innovator