Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Spirit Filled Christian Dance at Catholic Performing Arts

After many afternoons of rehearsing and hours of choreography and planning our Junior, Middle and Senior School Liturgical Dancers travelled to Mercy College this week for the Christian Dance category of the Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools and Colleges. The Junior Dance, entitled ‘The Way of the Cross’ linked to the Christian Drama from earlier in the week as it focused on the fourteenth station of the cross, Jesus is Buried. The dance captured the emptiness that is ultimately fulfilled through the resurrection as Jesus conquers the grave. These talented Junior School dancers gave a graceful and reverent performance and it marked HCC’s first ever Junior Dance entry in this category of the festival of which they should all be particularly proud.

The Middle and Senior School dance reflected pilgrimage, a key aspect in the charism of Holy Cross. The dance symbolised a journey to lead to God as it pointed us towards Him in our lives’ own pilgrimage. Our dancers beautifully captured the essence of something which is so important to our College culture as it lead gracefully to the symbolic presentation and passing of the scallop shell and a gesture to the cross.

A huge congratulations must go to all the students from Junior, Middle and Senior School who have worked so hard over the past couple of terms to present these beautiful, reflective pieces. It could not have been done without the tireless energy of our talented Dance teacher Miss Georgina Pratt who has put in an incredible amount of work to get these dancers prepared for performance. Big thanks must also go to Miss Sharna Gregson for her invaluable assistance with the Middle and Senior piece, Miss Aoife Hickey for her amazing assistance with the Junior Dance and Mr Ryan Shelton for his support with the faith aspects of both performances.

We are excited with the journey Dance is on at HCC and look forward to seeing it showcased once again at Carnevale in Week 9 along with our Arts Showcase in Week 10.

Mr Chris McRae
Learning Area Coordinator (The Arts)