Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Squad Goals!

The Year Theatre class wrapped up a very successful year in Drama with the final performance of the year on Monday evening. They performed the one act play ‘Squad Goals’ by Don Zolidis, a hilarious off beat comedy about a rag tag bunch of misfits all vying for a spot on the school basketball team for a coach who takes all his methods from inspirational sports movies.

The students rehearsed both in and out of class time throughout this term, learning lines, creating character traits, choosing costumes and learning blocking before they moved to a new performance location, utilising the Lima Sports Centre and bringing the basketball tryouts to life in an authentic space. The addition of arena style seating with audience members surrounding the action also gave a unique feel to the performance.

A big congratulations to the cast which included Isabella Aguilera, Deanna Ancuta, Erin Butterworth, Luke Chappell, Ben Collard, Flynn Conran, Crystal D’Lima, Haylee Dye, Bradley Fisher, Bella Gethin, Jack Johnson, Eason Lam, Louie Lambert, Adisha Long, Laicey Millar, Felicity Newton, Jasmine Okello, Hannah Sorensen, Sheridan Spencer, Hannah Sorensen and Mia Yeatman.

Special thanks to Mr Guy Jackson for his work in set up and running of lighting and sound and to Mr Jamie Gotti and Mrs Donna McConville for their assistance with the loan of costumes. This was a wonderful way to end the year and we now look forward to the 2022 Productions of ‘The Visit’ for Senior School and ‘All I Really Need To Know I Learned by Being in a Bad Play’ for Middle School.

Mr Chris McRae
Learning Area Coordinator (The Arts)