Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10


Today we went to Subiaco, Italy.  There is a strong Connection to Holy Cross through the Benedictine monks, Rosendo Salvado and the fact that it is the sister town of our Subiaco in Perth. There were two places in particular that we visited today; the Abbey of Santa Scolastica (consecrated to St Scolastica the twin sister of St Benedict, the founder of the Benedictine order of which Dom Salvado was a member) and Sacro Speco (the Holy Cave in which St Benedict spent three years in before founding the Benedictine Order).  A monastery has been built into the cliff side around the cave.   Rosendo Salvado visited both of these places before moving to Australia.

Our last day of sight seeing was the best way to finish off a wonderful week in Italy. We enjoyed breathtaking views of the country side and the hospitality of people of Subiaco.  We finished the way we started our connection to Italy, on a pilgrimage in which we connected with God, self, others and nature.

The Rome experience has given me many spiritual connections within the walls of many historical buildings, Basilicas and Chapels.

When Mr Shelton placed his hand on my shoulder and said “Welcome home”, as we walked through St Peter’s Basilica, I did feel just that, as emotions welled in my chest.  I have had many more moments like this throughout the week, in the people we met and the historical places we have visited.  These are moments of time forever locked in grateful  memories.

As we all have left our loved ones behind while travelling in Italy, I am blessed and honoured to have journeyed with such an amazing group of staff and students from Holy Cross and to have shared all the experiences of Rome. Buon Cammino, Roma.

Mrs Colleen Azzopardi