Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Summer Term Reflections

2019 represents a milestone in the journey of Holy Cross College, as it marks the tenth year of the school’s operation. The College opened in 2010 with only a few buildings situated in a vast desert of sand and scrub, with about 69 students. Today, the College boast facilities that are the envy of many, and a student population nudging 1,100. There have been many successes, with one student achieving a General Exhibition, several national awards including two Simpson Medals and a Premier’s ANZAC Prize, sports and arts triumphs. The College has continued to be recognised as a leading school in digital technology, maintaining its’ Apple Distinguished School status, and being renowned for its’ innovative approach to teaching and contemporary learning environments.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary the College plans a number of events. The main event will be held on Friday, 13 September 2019. The day will will begin with an extra special Mass with some special invited guests. Some smaller activities will take place throughout the afternoon. A twilight family festival of food and entertainment will top the celebrations with food vans, live music and bouncy castles in the evening on the College oval. Current and past students, teachers and families will be invited to attend.

Feast Day activities, however, will be held on the final day of the Winter Term to coincide with the Year 12 Breakfast and Assembly.

In just ten years our College has developed a rich faith story of transformation in the spirit of the risen Christ. We are inspired to live life to the full in keeping with the Gospel values, as modelled by our College patrons and their unwavering faith in Jesus. The College has established traditions and rituals as faith filled and stirring as schools of more than 100 years old. This amazing achievement is due to the vision and wisdom of our College Principal, Ms Mandy Connor. One particular tradition of pilgrimage and walking the Camino Salvado has inspired other schools in Western Australia and inter-State to adopt similar faith practises. So much so, that Ms Connor has been asked to lead a group of principals and other Catholic leaders on a 300km section of the Camino de Santiago in Spain over the past few weeks. I am sure the pilgrims will gain so much from their experience, personally and professionally, that will enable them to enrich the faith stories in their own communities. We congratulate Ms Connor for receiving such well-deserved recognition.

Later in the Autumn Term we will see the commencement of the construction of the Sports Centre. It is anticipated that the building will be completed early in 2020. It is a very exciting project and we look forward to the many new opportunities the Sports Centre will present.

A number of staff conclude their time at Holy Cross College at the end of the Summer Term. We are grateful for the energy and commitment of the following people who have made an enormous contribution to the College and the lives of many students.

  • Mr Ian Oxwell
  • Mr Simon Ferguson
  • Ms Rachel Rafferty
  • Mrs Mandy Christou

We also welcome the following new staff members who commenced during the term or are about to commence in the Autumn Term:

  • Ms Joanne Nigro, Education Assistant
  • Ms Carol Oats, Café
  • Ms Lidia Nuich, Administrative Assistant
  • Mr Adi Trehan, Digital Systems Co-ordinator

I would also like to acknowledge the fantastic efforts of staff and students in raising funds for Caritas during Project Compassion. The generosity of parents in supporting their children’s Christian service initiatives is sincerely appreciated as it goes a long way in helping people from around the world while, at the same time, engendering a spirit of social justice in our students.

As our Lenten preparations come to fruition we look to the Easter season and the Passion of Christ’s journey of the Cross. To conclude the Summer Term students followed the Passion story through the Stations of the Cross; a powerful journey around the College campus stopping at each station listening to the story on their head phones while other students gave the story life through drama and dance. We are grateful for the efforts and imagination of Mr Bull Bull, Ms Georgina Pratt and Mr Chris McRae and the many students who performed throughout the day.

As we come to the end of the Summer Term, like the promise of new life at Easter, we know it’s not the end of a journey, but a new beginning, a chance re-evaluate our goals, re-energise our efforts and open up opportunities for even greater success. The more we learn the more we understand the more we need to learn. The race to perfection has no finish line.

I wish everyone a happy and Holy Easter and a safe and enjoyable holiday break and look forward to great things in the Autumn Term.

Mr Peter Collins, Acting Principal