Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
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Type A Children’s Crossing – Strathmore Parkway

Many parents will have noticed that the City of Swan has commenced preparations for a Type A Children’s Crossing along Strathmore Parkway between Cardowin Drive and Badalia Lane. At this stage the College has not been advised of the date the crossing will be operational. Some additional work remains to be completed.
The crossing will be operated by a WA Police Traffic Warden, as is the case in similar crossings around schools. The placement of the crossing was made after extensive consultation and investigation by many people and authorities including the Education Department of WA, Catholic Education WA, Mainroads WA, WA Police and the City of Swan. The initiative began a number of years ago by Ms Chantal Wilson, P&C President, Ellen Stirling Primary School and more recently by Mr Rob Howes. We are grateful to these people, as well as Dr Dean Goldspink, Principal, Ellen Stirling Primary, and the parents of the Friends of Holy Cross who assisted at various stages.
Warrants for Type A Children’s Crossing are made for 5 Years. Usage will be audited towards the end of this period at which time the warrant will be reviewed by the Children’s Crossing & Road Safety Committee (CC&RSC).
Once operational, parents and students are encouraged to use the facility to ensure the safety of students crossing the road, especially at busy times.
The placement of the crossing will require some change in habits when driving along Strathmore Parkway. Clearly traffic flow will be different and parents must be patient. The location of the crossing will mean that students can now be dropped off in neighbouring streets such as Cardowin Drive, Caldervale Avenue and Carwell Avenue with the knowledge that they can safely traverse Strathmore Parkway. This should help to further alleviate congestion on Strathmore Parkway during busy times.
Parents are reminded that additional parking is available on Westgrove Drive and Coolamon Drive.
Peter Collins

Acting Principal