Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Waking into Santiago de Compostella

Today was our last day of walking.  On our first day of our pilgrimage we left Tui and today we walked into Santiago De Compestella. It’s been a long and rewarding journey. We ventured from Padroń in the morning, beginning Good Friday with the start of the stations of the cross. As we walked along the Camino we also followed Jesus’s journey to his crucifixion. Each step of the way we reflected on Jesus’s life, teachings and what we can learn from his crucifixion. The walk was 26 kilometres and was the hardest part of the Camino, as our feet were sore and we were all exhausted from the previous 5 days. However, each of us was able to push through as we thought about arriving at Santiago De Compestella and how accomplished we would feel after. Along the walk we stopped at numerous holy places and continued the stations of the cross. When  we arrived in Santiago and we saw the cathedral we all cheered and each of us felt overjoyed and moved, as we finished this long journey together. While the Camino was hard, exhausting, had its ups and down, it was all worth it for that feeling at the end of being proud and encouraged to face bigger challenges. We finished our day with the presentation of our Compostella and our prayer, the last line finalising our Camino, “So that with your guidance we may arrive safe and sound at the end of the Road and enriched with grace and virtue we return safely to our homes filled with joy.” 

The road to Compestella was tiring and exhausting, but we came out the other end of it enriched and accomplisched. We spent the night relaxing and excited for the next few days exploring Santiago.