Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Yarndi Bursary and the Brother Pat Kelly Scholarship are Open

Annunciation Catholic Art Watercolour

Dear Holy Cross College Community

A tradition, which has come down from the apostolic ages, tells us that the great mystery of the Incarnation was achieved on the twenty-fifth day of March. It was at the hour of midnight, when the most holy Virgin was alone and absorbed in prayer, that the Archangel Gabriel appeared before her, and asked her, in the name of the blessed Trinity, to consent to become the Mother of God. We consider the angel Gabriel’s greeting: ‘Greetings, O favoured one! The Lord is with you.’ We see Mary perplexed, wondering what this means. We hear the angel announce that God’s favour rests on her as the mother of Jesus. We notice that Mary is troubled. Gabriel explains the startling reality: ‘The Holy Spirit will come upon you … the child to be born will be … called Son of God.’ Mary considers her response. ‘Here am I, the servant of the Lord.’

Learning Conversations

Thank you for attending these important opportunities for conversation in relation to your child’s progress. Parents are the prime educators, and it is essential we work together in partnership in the best interests of our students. I hope you found the face-to-face contact worthwhile. Learning Conversations for our Middle School will take place next term.


We have three staff members leaving us at the end of the term:

Mrs Joanne Betti – Social Worker

Mrs Lidia Nuich – Admin Assistant

Mrs Maria Bochrinis – Finance Officer

We thank Jo, Lidia and Maria for their great contribution to HCC. We wish them the very best on their new career pathways.


Notification regarding the Brother Pat Kelly Scholarship for Year 7 students and the Yarndi Bursary for Aboriginal students for 2022, are available on our website, under ‘Enrolments’. https://www.holycross.wa.edu.au/enrolments/

Friends of Holy Cross (FHC)

Please feel welcome to attend the next FHC meeting in the St James Centre – Staffroom. Save the date – Monday 3 May at 6:30pm.

Thank you.

Kind regards

Ms Julie Hornby