Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Year 12 Graduation & Telethon

Graduation Prayer

Let us unite our hearts in prayer
and entrust to the hands of the Lord
those who have graduated.

May God who began this good work in you
carry it through to completion,
enabling you to use your talents to the fullest.

May God give you the grace to make wise choices
and to be faithful to your commitments,
always confident in the support of those who love you.

May God bless you with discomfort at easy answers,
half-truths, and superficial relationships,
so that you will live deep within your heart.


Year 12 Graduation

The graduation experience at Holy Cross College involves a few events and the support of many staff members. The students had many wonderful times at the College and made lifelong friends and memories. It is such a strong community here and therefore, it is not only the culmination of many years of study, but memories of significant times and some special people that they will take with them. 

Thank you to our parents for supporting the Graduation process and being present at the events. A very special ‘thank you’ to those families who have now finished their time here at the College. I hope you do come back to participate in some of our events.

During our farewell morning teas, the year 12’s talked about the dedication of the staff and the supportive relationships that were formed. I thank Acting Deputy Principal – Fiona De Courcier, Deputy Principal – Christina Davini, our Inter-relationship Leaders, whose due diligence ensured that students completed work, and that pastoral needs were met.  I thank our HTG teachers, class teachers and other key staff for their continual dedication and support for our Year 12 students.

Arts and Technology Exhibition 2022

Congratulations to all our winners! A beautiful evening was created by our Arts and Technologies Teams. Thank you to Learning Area Leaders Chris McRae, and Chris Gooch for leading your teams to create such a wonderful evening of celebration. Thank you to the following staff:

Visual Arts – Josie Wise

Textiles – Claire Merry

Metalwork / Jewellery – Susan Wilson, Nate O’Byrne

Woodwork – Matt Smyth

Hospitality – Janet Flematti

Photography and Graphic Design – Daniel Gevaux, Chris Gooch

Support Staff – Jon Williams, Colleen Azzopardi

Numero Competition – Junior School

Recently we had two Junior School teams represented at the North-East Numero Competition, with one team “Divide and Conquer” winning second place out of 17 teams. The competition was hosted here at the College in our LIMA Sports centre.

Certificates and prizes will be handed out at the next Junior School Assembly. We also had a number of fantastic student leaders helping out by directing schools and assisting during the day at the competition. The students had a great time.

Telethon 2022

Don’t forget to watch out for our Year Two student, Leo Beazley, on Telethon this weekend.  Leo is one of the Telethon children this year. Thank you all for your support for Leo, who will present $2500 to Telethon, raised from our pyjama day. Fantastic!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Julie Hornby