Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Year 12 Final Pilgrimage and Important Dates to Note

Year 12 Recent Events and Important Dates to Note

Life Week saw our Year 12’s final pilgrimage into New Norcia. This was a wonderful opportunity for this group to ‘take the long view’ and to reflect around the next part of their post school journey. It was wonderful to see so many parents meet us in New Norcia for the last part of the walk and also joining us for the foot washing liturgy afterwards. The ringing of the bells as we enter the town and walk to the chapel, continue to be a powerful symbol of the ending of one journey and the onset of the new. The retreat experience will be represented in our Year 12’s Graduation Mass where their painted crosses, visually representing the young men and young women they hope to be, will be on display. We wish the Year 12’s of 2018 all the very best for their final weeks of school.

Important Dates 

Lunch with staff – Monday Week 10
House Farewells – Friday Week 10
Final Day of Classes – Friday Week 10
ATAR Mock Exams and Revision Seminars – Monday 1 October – Friday 19 October
Final Day of School – Thursday 18 October
Annual Celebration Evening – Friday 26 October

The final day of school has a number of events attached to it – Thursday 18 October

) The day will begin with a breakfast at the Vines Resort – the College bus will leave from the school at 7am and will make two trips to collect students.

) The students will then be farewelled by the whole College community with an assembly and farewell fanfare commencing at 10am – parents are invited to attend.

) Immediately after the assembly, students will move over to the Church for a full rehearsal for the evening Graduation Mass.

) Graduation Mass will then commence at 6.30 pm in the Parish Church followed by a light supper.

Please note that a letter has been sent home regarding these dates also. Students also have been given their clearance form.

There are exciting times ahead for this graduating class and it is our hope that they continue to approach the next few weeks with the dignity and enthusiasm they have shown all year.

Anita O’Donohue
Deputy Principal – Learning