Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Year 4-7 Swimming Carnival

Friday, 28 February saw the students in Years Four to Seven attend the Chisholm College pool to participate in the first Inter-House competition of 2020. As the students from Holy Cross entered the pool arena the stadium seating quickly filled with waves of green, blue, orange and yellow. The air was filled with a buzz of excitement as the anticipation for the fun to come took over and the cheering amped up.

It was so pleasing to see students enjoying the day and participating, I acknowledge each and every students efforts on the day. Some pushed themselves to do something a little extra, some jumped at the chance to compete and gain those few extra points for their House and some cheered from the stands to push their friends and competitors to achieve their very best.

There were many amazing performances and I would like to congratulate the following swimmers for breaking previous meet records; Ariah Bradbrook, Bailey Bradbrook, Ethan Bellomo, Paige Bolton, Oscar Forbes and Cassidy Jarvey.

Congratulations also go to the age group champion and runner-up champion swimmers:

Year 4 FemaleCharli BeatonMadison Hughes
Year 4 MaleJosh MorrisonNoah Pearson
Year 5 FemaleAriah BradbrookBuu Nguyen
Year 5 MaleCharley HuataDeclan Bellomo
Year 6 FemaleCassidy JarveySophie Sant
Year 6 MaleOscar ForbesZac Maccione
Hayden Fracaro
Year 7 FemaleElla GoodenoughChalsey McLellen
Year 7 MaleBailey BradbrookEthan Bellomo
Caleb Fernando

At the end of the carnival, the final carnival standings for our Houses were as follows:


Congratulations to McCormack on claiming the 2020 Year Four – Seven Inter-House Swimming Shield.

Mr Liam Smith

Learning Area Co-ordinator – Physical Education