Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
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Year 6 Constable Care Incursion

Blog post written by Year 6 students, Caleb Butler and Buu Nguyen

On the 26th of May 2021 Year 6C and 6H participated in the Constable Care Incursion. This incursion was about how to be safe and respectful online and outlined various consequences.

Our hosts Daniel and David acted out two scenes that demonstrated an outcome that was not positive due to the behaviour of one of the individuals. We learnt that we as children cannot provide consent for our images to be posted online and that our parents must do this for us.

The first scene showed a boy, Taylor, riding a train home. He thought he was alone so he blasted music and danced away. Then another boy named Morgan hopped onto the train and saw Taylor dancing. He thought it was funny so he recorded him and sent it to his friend Henry. Morgan posted it online and the whole school got a hold of it. Taylor fought Morgan and broke his phone. Students from both classes then suggested ideas that would resolve the problem. One of the ideas suggested was that as a friend of Morgan, we could tell him not to record Taylor. Another was to tell Morgan of the consequences that come with recording people without consent.

Overall this was a very informative experience that helped us as a class better understand online safety and some of the consequences associated with unsafe behaviour.