Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Year 6 RAC Imagine Excursion

This term, all Year 6 students have been lucky enough to attend the RAC Imagine Program at the Old Mill in South Perth. The program provides an opportunity for students to discover past and future technologies, and learn about the changing nature of transport, mobility and road safety.

Upon arrival, students participated in an Acknowledgement of Country before splitting up into five groups, lead by parent helpers, Holy Cross College staff and RAC staff. Students then embarked on their journey for the day!

Intellibus Ride

Students absolutely loved riding the Intellibus along the South Perth foreshore. Students loved observing how the bus interacted with other road users and participated in a scavenger hunt along the way.

Old Mill Tour

Year 6 students participated in a guided tour around the Old Mill and were enthralled by the history of this building. The students asked lots of questions about the various types of technologies in the Old Mill and enjoyed listening to the stories that were told.

AV Technology and the Future of Transport

Students participated in a small workshop centred around the technology of the Intellibus and discussed how it’s different elements are essential for operation.

Coding and Road Safety

Students collaborated in teams, to code and program an Edison robot. Their aim was to program the Edison robot to travel along the road in a way that was efficient and safe for the user, just like the Intellibus.

RAC Rescue Experience

A highlight for many of the students was the chance to experience an RAC rescue. Sitting inside a helicopter, students had the opportunity to ‘complete a rescue’ via a virtual reality headset.

Imagine the Possibilities

To end the day, students participated in the ‘Imagine the Possibilities’ workshop. Students jumped into pairs and began designing various vehicles for the future using recycled materials. Each vehicle was to be made for a different client and had to fit the criteria of: safe, accessible and sustainable.

The students loved learning in a new environment and are extremely grateful to have participated in the excursion. We would like to extend a huge thank you to our parent volunteers and to RAC for facilitating such a brilliant day of learning.