Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Year 7 LIFE Week

Pilgrims Prayer
Students praying the Gratitude at the End of the Day Prayer after their Camino
Tree planting activity
Planting some of the 15,000 saplings that the Park replaces annually
The piece of Aboriginal artwork that was produced by Year Seven students

How can we become a more connected and sustainable community? This was the challenge that Year Seven students spent last week exploring for LIFE Week.

The week started out with the students completing Section 1B of the Camino Salvado, part of our college pilgrimage following the steps of Dom Rosendo Salvado’s Journey from St Joseph’s in Subiaco all the way to New Norcia.

On Tuesday, the students experienced a water security incursion courtesy of Nathan Leber from CARITAS. He was very interesting, engaging and informative. Whiteman Park was next on the agenda and students learned about the management strategies and die-back protection program that is affecting our local flora, before embarking on a mammoth tree planting effort, with over 350 saplings planted (of the 15,000 planted annually at the park!).

At Red Hill Waste Management facility, students got a first hand experience of the quantity of rubbish that is produced by our neighbouring suburbs, how it is processed, and what effects it has on the environment.

Thursday and Friday’s activities included the students having the opportunity to make up a variety of goods to sell at the pop-up market. These included making reusable bees wax wraps, home-made bath bombs, reducing leftover foods by fermenting them and making kimchi, using coffee and sugar to make delicious body scrubs, and an opportunity to further connect to our Indigenous heritage with an Aboriginal art workshop. Most of these goods were sold at our community pop-up market, which raised nearly $500 for charity!

Mr Mat Hughes

Year Seven Innovator