Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook
'I came that they may have life, and have it to the full' John 10:10

Year 8 LIFE Week

On Monday, 20th August, Year Eight students
excitedly arrived at Holy Cross College, eager to commence LIFE week. After
completing the roll, we boarded two buses, heading for New Norcia and the
annual Year Eight LIFE week camp.
Upon arrival at New Norcia, the students
were allocated beds, with girls within the dormitories of St. Ildephonsus’ College
and boys within the dormitories of St. Gertrude’s College. We could then
commence the activities which had been arranged.
The students all rotated around six
activities over the three days spent at New Norcia. These activities included a
self-guided tour of the New Norcia museum, to learn about the history of the
town. We were also given guided tours of the town, explaining the heritage of
the town and a cemetery study. Students learned about the aboriginal heritage
of the area and New Norcia by exploring the Prendiville room and the six
seasons art panels.
Students were also able to complete some
hands-on activities, including boomerang painting. We also explored slightly
further afield through a river walk.
Evening activities included learning about
the life of a monk, a quiz night and a movie night.
The students had to reflect upon their work
through all of the activities, as they were to make an iBook of all of their
work in Big Ideas and LIFE week, to show how they can be their best and how New
Norcia can be the best. All students completed the activities enthusiastically
and have created some interesting and informative books. A book expo will be
held in week 10 of Big Ideas, where visitors will be able to vote for the best
books created by the students. The students who create the best books, with the
most original ideas on how to improve New Norcia will be selected to return to
New Norcia to show their books to the Benedictine community.

On the Thursday and Friday of LIFE week, students either completed a stage of the Camino Salvado, walking from Bells Rapids to Shady Hills, or they completed a retreat within school.